Completed projects:

Planned Projects:

  • Clearing out and cleaning existing (bird, bat) nesting boxes: date to be announced
  • Construction of nesting boxes for wild bees: date to be announced
  • Maintain spring biotope (remove leaves, etc)
  • Construction of the table-bench combination at the pond
  • Construction of fire salamander "shelters" (wood + roofing felt available)
  • Installation of the new garden gate (all material available)
  • Gathering wood, nesting material, reeds, etc; setting up for "bee hotel"
  • Drill beech/oak/birch logs as nesting aids (wood available)
  • Evaluation of bird, dormouse, and bat boxes using endoscope camera

Would you like to join us? 

Feel free to contact us at wittental@forento.uni-freiburg.de